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3-6 60 mins 80%


Therapy Unit

Discovered during a routine renovation procedure, the Therapy Unit was hidden at the end of a wing at Napier Prison. Inside were a couple of cells and the remnants of a Dr’s office and treatment rooms…possibly for children…there are no records of this space….what has been left behind is a mystery of a psychedelic nature. […]


2-12 60 mins 60%



Old-timer Bill thinks you’ve got what it takes. “I’ve got a job lined up for when I get out of here, a big score, lots of antiquities, but I need a crew. I’ve been in here long enough that I don’t trust anyone on the outside, but you guys I think I can work with. […]


2-6 60 mins 75%



It should have been so simple. Keep your head down, do your time, don’t rock the boat. Make enough friends to survive but don’t get too attached. However, when you’re behind bars, if trouble comes looking for you, there’s nowhere to hide. And the notion of murder is quite troubling indeed. On the evening of […]



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Napier Prison Tours - COVID 19 Hi inmates, We have closed to the public and postponed all tours, games, and access to our site for the next fortnight. We feel it is a sensible process to follow for our team and the general public who visit with us. We have registered our isolation with Healthline and encourage any other provider in the tourism and hospitality industry of HB to do the same if they are concerned about the possibility of contamination from COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope that you and your families are well and safe at this stage. The Game Master reminds you to wash your hands. Matron has suggested that you also keep your intake of fresh fruit and veges up at this time. Follow our Facebook and web pages for further updates. Kindest regards, The Warden